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Designed with the charm of Provençal lines

A classic and timeless detail available in the Arquitetual Collection

The classic knows how to renew itself. The Provençal lines are a detail machined in the piece, which delicately contour fronts and panels. This finish originated in France and, over many years, remained discreet until it was rediscovered by architects and designers from around the world. The lines of planned Incolar bring variations of this finish - all of them bring a special charm to your environment.
The line combines romantic and sophisticated elements with the finishing touch of Laccato Fosco. A differentiated finish produced with the real Italian Lacca, which receives numerous processes and several layers of paint, which results in sophisticated and cozy furniture. In addition, to offer even more exclusive possibilities and connected with your personality, Incolar has a special color chart, Fashion Colors Laccato, with more than 1,400 color options and matte finishes.





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